Vertical Lifts

What is the VolumeVault Vertical Lift Module (VLM)?

Our systems are the perfect solution to solve your space needs without adding square footage. How do we do it? By going up and maximizing previously un-utilized space – Your Ceiling Height — more often than not.


For Example:

One customer can store 60,000 volumes in a 120 sq ft elevator shaft in their newest library building. This saved them over 5,000 feet of collections space on the library floor.

Our Tray System

Our system is similar to an oversized drawer cabinet with two stacks of trays, one at the front and one at the back. Between the two rows of trays is the lift. This lift climbs the entire height of the vertical storage machine to remove an individual tray from the respective position and delivers it to the access opening. The trays are spaced no more than 1” apart allowing for a great reduction of wasted space.

The unit has an opening at the front and allows users to select a specific tray via a user interface. The unit sends the tray down to the opening and enables the user to pick items safely.

What are the benefits of the VolumeVault VLMs?

The biggest benefit is of course, space saving, but there is a lot more than that. Our systems are built to last and the mechanical components provide virtually no downtime for preventative maintenance.

Additional Benefits Are:



  • Maximum use of storage with minimum footprint
  • An easy-to-read visual display indicating filling capacity
  • Easy to add additional items with fixed height for highly concentrated storage
  • Intelligent height optimization (IHO)
  • Variable tray heights


  • Automated Light Curtains for User Safety
  • Automated monitoring of storage with tracking capabilities
  • Vertical shaft monitoring checks for possible tray protrusion before the elevator moves
  • Predefined access rights to trays and functions


  • Modular design using standard components
  • A low-maintenance system due to high-quality components and robust engineering
  • Offers a range of options for different requirements
  • Features an elevator with low-maintenance gear drive
  • Rack and pinion helical gear design ensures a smooth operation and higher load carrying


  • An optional laser pointer provides visual cues indicating storage position of specific item
  • The tray tilt option improves picking performance and eliminates employee fatigue
  • Up to four operating positions per vertical lift module
  • Personalization of tray heights to accommodate individual reaches
  • Touch user interface with intuitive navigation
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