Looking for a locker that is safe and secure and can open without a key using RFID or a digital keypad?

Our Smart Lockers are durable and can suit a variety of needs from waterparks to libraries and anything in between. Looking for a no-contact solution for your product(s) or packages? ValumeVault Smart Lockers are the perfect solution for you.

Our Smart Lockers can be used for:




Smart Package Lockers

  • for universities
  • office lockers
  • residential buildings
  • etc

University Mailrooms and Dorms


Day-Use Lockers

  • for waterparks
  • amusement
  • transportation locations
  • workplaces
  • etc

No More Keys!

Our Smart Lockers offer you the option of keyless entry. There are a variety of options available to meet your need and budget. With the ability to use this technology you can assign a locker immediately, you can also reset or re-assign lockers with ease using a computer or mobile software.

Entry options available are:






Digital Touch Pads

VolumeVault Lockers

VolumeVault Smart Lockers come in a variety of finishes (including laminate and woodlook options from Wilsonart).

Lockers are also available in a wide range of sizes starting at 24” to 72” tall and also come in a variety of depths. Whatever your needs are we can find the right configuration to optimize the space you have available.

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