Large Scale Automated Storage and Retrieval

What Is An AS/RS System?

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS or AS/RS) are comprised of a variety of material handling equipment that are used in libraries and laboratories. An ASRS system typically consists of machines that move up and down one, or multiple, parallel aisles storing and picking items. Other material handling systems rotate the storage bins horizontally or vertically to the operator to pick and store items efficiently. All AS/RS equipment is designed to maximize utilization of space and increase picking and putting rates. These types of systems start to be viable options around the 500k volume mark.

Types of AS/RS Systems:
Miniload (SMC)

Our Miniload system makes optimum use of the available space, even in small spaces. At the same time, it also guarantees the safe storage of sensitive or valuable goods.  There are almost no limits to shapes and surfaces of the goods to be stored or buffered with this system.

The Miniload system enables the storage and picking of




Cuby System

The Cuby System is our single-level shuttle system. This unit is ideal for fully automated storage of containers and cartons. The shuttles reliably move containers and cartons weighing up to 77 pounds!

The double-deep storage option enables the shuttle to utilize the entire depth of the rack to store the containers. The use of the rack depth supports for guiding the load handling device in a unique feature. The innovative lift system that moves the containers to the racks also serves to create a compact layout.

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