Horizontal Carousels

No More Aisles

Walking up and down an aisle to pick and store items is time consuming. Not only that, it also fatigues the average worker. A horizontal carousel shelving unit does not require aisles. Instead of the worker walking to the items, the carousel brings the items to the worker.

Just as a vertical lift module does, a carousel helps save





What We Offer:

VolumeVault offers customized horizontal carousel systems that are tailored to fit each customer’s application(s), varying in height, width, and bin size. Horizontal carousels can also be stacked to create two picking zones, one on the first floor and another on a second floor/mezzanine level. These carousels are an excellent option for areas with low ceiling heights. 

Horizontal Carousels fit into some libraries where a vertical solution may not. This option can be very cost effective depending on the footprint we are able to work with.

PHASED Solution

We have worked on projects where an entire off-site warehouse could only store 1.2 million volumes with a 19’ clear height. Our proposed PHASED solution would allow up to 3.6 million volumes in the same exact footprint.

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