If you work in any type of Library you are aware that space is at a premium. Shelves and shelves of books and equipment can take up a lot of room. That is how it is and always has been, until now!

Saving you time, money and space

VolumeVault is here to bring your library, laboratory and education facility into the future. We can provide you with the valuable space you need without expanding your floorplan or cutting your collection; saving you time, money, and space. Not only can we help you with your capacity and floor space needs, we can also make it easier to find your items both on-site and off-site with our inventory software.

Benefits of the VolumeVault System:

Extremely high density giving you 50-100% greater utilization of your square footage compared to standard and even mobile shelving systems.

  • 50-100% Greater Utilization 100% 100%
Open up 90% of your floor space taken by collections to create more group space/work space. …………………………………….
  • Floor Space 90% 90%

Secure valuable items.

VolumeVault is a ScottTech Company

VolumeVault is a ScottTech company which means we bring all of their industry knowledge into our systems. 

Users can also incorporate VolumeVault’s VLMs (vertical lift modules) and other automated equipment for other applications, including:


Special Collections








Archive Files


Lab Equipment



Want to know a little bit more about VolumeVault?

Who We Are:

VolumeVault is an extension of ScottTech Integrated Solutions which is a leader in the material handling industry, specifically systems integration and automation. ScottTech is headquartered in Binghamton, New York, with a Software Development facility in Syracuse, New York and locations in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

What We Do:

VolumeVault brings ScottTech’s expertise in automated material handling solutions to the library market. Our non-propriety approach allows us to provide the best possible solution that fits into your library’s specific needs. The solutions we develop are based on 40+ years of industry leading knowledge and implementation.

Our Mission:

VolumeVault’s goal is to create a working partnership with our customers to evaluate long-term goals and design the most ideal system to fit their needs and specifications. We know floor space in libraries is valuable and we want to do our best to help you recover as much as possible.

Learn More About Our


Vertical Lifts




Horizontal Carousels

Large Scale Automated Storage and Retrieval

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